Despite their failings, the people of one small group of offshore islands have been responsible for the colonization and transformation of over one quarter of the earth's surface.During 300 years of overseas expansion the British - consisting of the English, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Manx - built an empire that spanned North America, much of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Ocean.



From its earliest use in Cromwell's 'New Model Army', the red coat was to become synonymous with the British Empire.

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It was there at the forging and loss of Britain's first empire on the north-eastern seaboard of America and instrumental in the building.

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MedievAl Times

Beginning in the 17th Century, we trace the origins and follow the trail of the British Redcoats, over three centuries

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Culture And Civilisation


During what became known as the English Civil Wars ( 1642-1652 ) Oliver Cromwell urged Parliament to adopt a standing army capable of being deployed anywhere within the country. Until then soldiers were, for the most part, amateur militia reluctant to campaign further afield than their home territories. Its soldiers were intended to be full time professionals whose proficiency rather than wealth and social standing was to determine rank and promotion. It was also proposed that this 'New Model Army' was to be raised by conscription, paid for by taxes and issued with a uniform.



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