The North Devonshire Regiment


As part of the forces raised by James II to meet the challenge of Monmouth's Rebellion of 1685, loyal residents of Devon, Somerset and Dorset were formed into a regiment, under the command of Henry, Duke of Beaufort.

Following Monmouth's defeat, the Duke relinquished command of the Regiment to his son.  Charles, Marquis of Worcester was appointed its Colonel on 26th October 1685.

In 1687, he it turn was succeeded by William, Viscount Montgomery. However, in the autumn of 1688, while stationed at Hull, the Regiment declared allegiance to William III and all Roman Catholic officers were arrested including Viscount Mongomery.

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Hanmer was appointed the Regiment's new Colonel on 31st December 1688.

Six months later, on 15th June 1689, Hanmer's Regiment of Foot arrived in Ireland as part of William III's forces resisting James II's attempt to regain his kingdoms.

The Regiment saw action at the lifting of The Siege of Londonderry and then in July 1690 at The Battle of the Boyne. The following year it was present at the siege and the surrender of Limerick.

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